Hi, I am Martin



I discovered my passion for photography way back in 1992. However, life took me down a different path, and I had to take a long break from my beloved camera. But as they say, true passion never dies. In 2020, I reignited my love affair with photography, picking up where I left off all those moons ago.

I am a firm believer in the importance of pursuing different interests outside of work, as it adds depth and richness to our lives. For me, photography is not just a hobby, but a way to unwind and express my creativity. Through my lens, I aim to capture the beauty and emotions that surround us, freezing them in time for others to experience and enjoy. Join me on this visual journey as I share my diverse portfolio and capture moments that evoke emotions and inspire others to see the world through a different lens.

My photography work is focused on an endavour to project how I feel at the time of the shot - not just at the exact moment but my general life situation. With my photography I try to capture the world, ranging from the very small water drop collisions that only exist for a fraction of time, to larger land-, sea- and cityscapes. With the latter I do not try to create a documentary but rather capture a creative, artistic moment in time that can range from very short (like 1/1000th of a second) to long exposures in which several minutes can be capured into a single frame (which I find wildly fascinating). I do not set out to deceive the viewer but in post-processing I do try to enhance each photograph to tell the story I want to tell with it. This can be by increasing or decreasing contrast, changing the colours or whatever I feel suits the photo best. As an example, a rainy day photo might get a lot of extra contrast and darker shadows to make it more dramatic.

With my work I try to tell a story from the places I visit while also trying to do that through what I see as unique photos (at least, some I haven't seen before). Of course I am influenced by what I see elsewhere but I try to use a personal approach to something I have seen in other people's work.

As mentioned previously, I try to project how I feel at the time of the shot and I try to do that by thinking about each shot; how do I project my emotions, the feel of the place and the moment to the viewer in the best way? When I shoot, I often think "will this look great on print?" I believe the best photographs are the ones that look great on paper because a monitor, with it's bright light and saturated colours, adds to the photograph whilst paper is not as forgiving because it does not benefit from the properties of the monitor. But don't get me wrong - great photos can also be created solely for the use on screen and I do that myself as well. It's just that I consider the ones "worthy" of a print to be of the highest quality.

I am constantly trying to learn new technniques and approaches.  I attempt to learn bottom up, that is, get the fundamentals right and then build everything else on top of that. Slowly, but surely I believe I am becoming better and better at conveying my intent with each photo all the way to the final print, which I find to be a most satisfying part of it all: Seeing that image you captured printed on paper, framed and hanging on the wall.

I really do hope that my photos will inspire you to also grab whatever cameraphone or camera you have and go out and capture stuff and share that with others in whatever format you see fit. Don't worry about "getting likes" - when you really think about it, isn't the most important thing that you like it yourself?


I was born in Copenhagen Denmark in 1970.

I have a daughter studying business administration and economics at University and there are times when I have to pinch myself: "How did she manage to grow up without me noticing?". In my mind she is still the baby sleeping peacefully in my arms. Oh well, such is life!

I am in fact red/green colour blind so I rarely dare touch the colour dials in Capture One. I may end up in a sitaution where someone says "Dude! Where did you find that red grass?". Although having trouble telling red and green colours apart, I still feel that I have a pretty good sense of what looks good together.

I work with IT Infrastructure (mainly servers, virtualization and backup). This helps fund the somewhat expensive hobby that photography can be. Amazing though, how your job tends to steal your spare time, isn't it?

Besides photography I bike quite a bit and I also play the drums. The latter is in Vineyard Copenhagen where I am part of the worship team. So, yes, I am what you would call a believer. I try (but often fail I must admit) to live a life reflecting Jesus' life and teachings.